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Release date:11/08/2017 Featuring:Seth Strong Tags:hardcore, cumshot, student, redhead, petite, handjob, gagging, shaved pussy, Deepthroat, pale, finger fucking, fake tits, big dick, cum on tits, blowjob, natural tits, small tits, rough-sex, freckles

When you´re a girl and you´re sick of your husband you might end up doing a booty call. Seth catches his wife leaving the house and he wants to know where she´s going. Dressed in her mini skirt he knows she´s not going to her friends but she is going out to get fucked! Annoyed that he is, he decides to use her and fuck her as rough as she wants it, this filthy whore just needs to be treated like the slut she is and she´ll remain a happy wife!

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