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  • Savage Stepdaughter

    Luke Hardy, Alessa Savage


    Alessa is every dad his dreams. This pale girl with her tight little bum is always wearing skirts that are way to short and when she sits down and she gives Luke a few of her tiny butt he wants to have a feel. Being her stepdad he wants to fuck her good but Alessa is a bit worried about her mom.... Thank god Luke has some dirty on his stepdaughter so he can blackmail her into fucking her daddy his big cock!

  • Cheating With His Brother

    Candi Kayne, Jonny Cooper


    Candi is a dirty slut and she loves any attention she can get of other men. When her husband finally says something about the fact that she´s always eye fucking his brother and he starts a fight. He leaves angry and she instantly calls his brother to complain and cry on his shoulder. Jonny, being the good brother he is, comes over to help out Candi and give her some piece of mind in the form of his big cock down her throat!

  • Fucking Her Husbands Brother

    Jonny Cooper, Carmel Anderson


    Carmel Anderson gets left behind by her hard working husband who has to get out of town for a convention. He has called his brother to come entertain Carmel for a little while since he doesn´t want her to be bored. Little does he know that Carmel actually wants to bond a little bit closer to Jonny then her husband expected!

  • Sensitive For Her Stepdad

    Dru Hermes, Pixie Little


    Pixie Little is having a shitty day, her boyfriend just broke up with her over the phone and while Victoria her mom is trying to help and support her the only one who can really help is her stepdad Dru. Dru goes over to her and tries to cheer her up but he quickly finds out that the only way to make her smile again is by fucking her wet little pussy hard!

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