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  • Brotherly Love

    Ashley Rider, Luke Hardy


    Luke Hardy is one of the best brothers you can imagine. He knows how take of his brothers´ wife while he´s out and makes sure she gets the pleasure she needs. Ashley Rider actually doesn´t want to cheat on her husband anymore but Luke his cock is so good that she just can not resist!

  • Go Make Me A Sandwich

    Dru Hermes, Ruby Temptations


    Ruby is complaining on the phone to Dru that her husband is so demanding and she´s sick of it. Therefore Dru heads over and see if Ruby actually can give her husband what he needs; a good fuck! Once Dru has his dick out, Ruby gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob to remember, it turns out this blonde vixen definitely knows how to fuck and she definitely loves herself some big black cock!

  • Calling For Cock

    Seth Strong


    When you´re a girl and you´re sick of your husband you might end up doing a booty call. Seth catches his wife leaving the house and he wants to know where she´s going. Dressed in her mini skirt he knows she´s not going to her friends but she is going out to get fucked! Annoyed that he is, he decides to use her and fuck her as rough as she wants it, this filthy whore just needs to be treated like the slut she is and she´ll remain a happy wife!

  • I Use You For The One Thing You Are Good At!

    Madlin Moon, Ricky Stone


    Madlin Moon is the typical spoiled, lazy brat and Ricky has had enough of it. When he finds her again chilling in her bathtub he pulls out his dick and tells her to get to work! Do what I got you for and make it good! Madlin a bit pissed of with this decides to give it a shot and ends up getting fucked just like she loves it and Ricky leaves only after leaving her with a good big sticky facial!

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